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Tube Hollows International’s borecentric approach to drilling custom concentric tubing is a criticial differentiator for the company. Unlike standard gun drilling shops, Tube Hollows International is able to machine a tube's ID in relation to its outside diameter. This allows us to machine custom concentric tubing with exceptionally tight concentricity specifications, even tubes that may bow or vary in OD dimension. Additionally, the borecentric approach means we are able to gun drill bar stock, mill extrusions or components without needing to remove additional OD material. This can offer important cost savings, particularly when machining expensive metals such as titanium, versus the common approach of drilling a straight hole through a bar, centering on the ID and then turning down the OD. And it means that customers who wish to machine a tight tolerance hole through a part with finished OD features have a top quality solution available to reliably complete the job.


The diagram above highlights Tube Hollows International’s ability to drill a uniform walled tube, even in a bowed bar. This differs from the approach below, where a machinist would be forced to remove significant material from the OD in order to achieve a highly concentric ID.


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