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CNC Swiss Machining

CNC Swiss MachiningNamed for the intricate, slender working parts used by Swiss watchmakers, CNC Swiss machines are specialty lathe turning machines designed to produce small parts with extreme accuracy and precision, holding tolerances as small as a few tenths of a thousandths of an inch. CNC  turning and CNC milling machines have fast cycle times and are easily programmable, making them a flexible and valuable addition to Tube Hollows International’s production capabilities.

Unlike traditional lathe machines, which hold the machined piece in a fixed headstock, CNC Swiss machines hold the workpiece in a moving chuck or collet that extends into the machine enclosure. The moving headstock of a CNC Swiss machine allows the bar stock to pass in and out of the tooling area while being held in place by both the collet and a guide bushing.

There is very little vibration or deflection in CNC Swiss machining because the machined piece is held firmly in place very near the guide bushing (usually within 1 mm to 3 mm). This allows CNC Swiss machining to produce long, slender, turned parts as well as small, complex parts quickly and with extreme precision and tight manufacturing tolerances.

When the machined part is completed, a secondary spindle, located behind the Z-axis, drops the finished part into a bin. This eliminates the need for operator intervention between each machining cycle. With conventional lathes, operators manually remove each part between manufacturing cycles. This adds time to the machining process. CNC Swiss machining’s fast, automated cycle times make it an ideal precision machining process for high production applications and often offer cost savings associated with “lights out” production.

CNCCNC Swiss machining is used extensively in the medical industry to manufacture devices such as orthopedic bone screws, liposuction needles, shavers and many other invasive devices. Tube Hollows International is experienced with machining all types of biocompatible metals and alloys, including titanium, Nitinol, 17-4 PH Stainless, 400 series stainless steels and others.

Tube Hollows International has CNC Swiss machining capabilities that can handle ODs up to 32 mm, in addition to standard CNC flatbed equipment and engine lathes. Combining the supply of precision cannulated bar stock (our HWC Tubing) with this added, high-end precision machining resource enables us to serve our customers as an effective source for medical device prototype design and production runs. We look forward to expertly assisting you with all your CNC Swiss machining needs.

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